Thursday, October 19, 2006

Images of Washington Eagles (From the 19th Cent.)


Harpo said...

Very impressive - especially when you consider the 10-foot wingspan. Thanks for the great pictures!

Anonymous said...

I saw a giant bird in Winnebago County, IL, near Rockford, in the early 90s. I was riding a bike in a rural area in the early morning. The bird was entirely black. It was roosting in a tall tree. It was defecating at the time. The turds looked like horse turds. I estimate the wingspan at 10 to 15 feet, if it had been flying. I heard later that it was a turkey buzzard. But upon researching turkey buzzards on line, it was not that type of bird. My theory is that it was some type of shape shifter, as the Indians in that area of IL, long ago talked about and passed on to the next generation. They called them Thunderbirds. To say the least, the thing I saw was very frightening. I later wrote a fictional short story based on the incident that was published.