Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Farmer City Monster

When one hears of “Bigfoot”, one of two thoughts immediately come to mind: a large, lumbering four-wheel drive vehicle popular at state fairs or a large, lumbering “ape-man”-like beast that roams the Pacific Northwest. Rarely would one think of running into one on your “trip to town” or driving across the plains of Illinois, but consider the year 1970 in Illinois…
The Farmer City Monster
It was in July of 1970 that four teens parked at a popular “lover’s lane” woods area near Farmer City received the fright of their lives when a huge, hairy humanoid with piercing yellow eyes decided to see what was going on in their car. After the creature was “scared away” by a flashlight, the terrified girls demanded to be taken home immediately. The boys returned to investigate and again encountered the creature; even with windows closed its stench permeated the vehicle. They didn’t stay for long. The boys led local police to the area, but a search turned up only a much flattened area of foliage - hypothesized to be its “nest”.
During the next two weeks, multiple sightings of the creature were made around the area - including one sighting by a Farmer City police officer. A week after this sighting, the creature was spotted 20 miles southwest in Weldon Springs State Park near Clinton IL - it was “bathing” in a lake, but fled to dense woods when it realized it was spotted.
Days later the creature migrated 15 miles north to Heyworth IL where it was spotted late at night crouching by the side of a county back road - it jumped and fled when the car slowed to observe it. The startled observer described it as “ape-like”.
Still seemingly on the move, the beast was, 10 days later witnessed by a team of construction workers outside of Waynesville IL (10 miles west of Heyworth). It sprinted across the road (from woods to woods) in front of their van near dusk. Another Waynesville resident reported seeing it too within days.
But then…no more reports or sightings were made.
Illinois can be a weird place...

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Kenton Clarkson said...

I am from Bloomington IL and I can tell you people in Central IL were genuinely scared when all this happened. Some mothers would not let their kids outside that summer. What was "It"? Probably a guy in a gorilla suit, IMO. This was when "Bigfoot" was popular, so to speak.